Close design technology


We IAC design and manufacture aerospece GSE, Assembly and Machining fixtures.

IAC respond to the design and manufacture Fixtures and Tools that play an important role and directly related to work efficiency and systems, including GSE such as dollies,

We will answer your request by our technology and experienced history.


TIG Welding

MIG Welding



Products handled

  • Bonding for Composite (INVER, STEEL, AL, etc)
  • Part Fabrication Use
  • Fuselage Assembly
  • Workstand maintenance stand for Aircraft
  • Inspection Tool


Product examples

Machining Fixture



Assembly Fixture

H2100㎜ x W2200㎜ x L11400㎜

H2600㎜ x W5000㎜ x L7700㎜

Bonding Fixture


Workstand for maintenance (Ground support equipment)

H5000㎜ x W9000㎜ x L23000㎜


H3500㎜ x W2700㎜ x L3500㎜