Reliable technology and quality
Our special processes are accredited by Nadcap


Those our technology and process assurance help to maintain at the high level of process repeatability, and thanks for them, we are rated high by our customers.
Those special processes required high quality and process reliability such as NDT, Anodizing, paint and shot peening process are our part of services.
In IAC Malaysia, in order to maintain process repeatability and reliability, we periodically conduct Nadcap Audit.
And our quality management system comply with EN9100 (AS9100/JIS9100 ) requirements.




Work Contents

Vapor degreasing


Equipped with timer, temperature control sensor, cooling.
system corresponding to environmental requirements


Vapor degreasing

 tank capacity

18.4ft(length) x 3.0ft(width) x 5.9ft(depth)

Maximum load

on Tank


Metal Cleaning


Transfer between tanks by semi-automatic carrier.
Alkaline cleaning, Alkaline or Acid etching, and desmutting
are performed before penetrant inspection.



tank capacity

18.0ft(length) x 2.5ft(width) x 4.9ft(depth)
*A Tank in State of the art equipped with timer, temperature control sensor.



Penetrant Inspection


Apply water to remove penetrant liquid from part surface.
Product inspection are carried out under UV light in Penetrant inspection booth.



The latest rectifier with a built-in recorder is used to record our process parameters


Anodizing treatment Chromic acid anodized
Sulfuric acid anodized
Boric & Sulfuric acid anodized
Tank capacity 18.0ft(length) x 2.5ft(width) x 4.9ft(depth)





Compatible with all type of painting(Epoxy primer, High solid epoxy primer, Tank primer, Polyurethane top coat, etc.).
Spray Booth: Water curtain and gravity suction system booth



Using the identification equipment (ink-jet type), the product is clearly identified.