Further Technology Innovation…



IAC Corporation has been accredited by ISO 9001 in 2000, JIS Q 9100 (AS9100) in 2003.
IAC established and offering one stop solution in Malaysia ahead of other companies in 2006.
And IAC strategically built factories and offices in South East Asia (Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand).
IAC has overwhelming trust from major aerospace OEMs as one of advanced manufacturing company from the aspect of Quality, Cost and Delivery.



Establish one stop solution

We respond to various customer demands for aircraft parts with one stop solution from material procurement, machining, chemical process and painting as world wide blended solution.

By our integrated production management system, we can achieve quick delivery and in low cost, and provide advanced and stable quality.




Technology Update based on years of experience

For more than 70 years, not just aircraft parts manufacturing, we have been engaged in designing and fixture production related to aerospace.
In particular, the design and manufacture of jig fixtures play an important role and directly linked to work efficiency and precision.
We IAC will answer your demands by our well established skills.




Introduction of the latest Machining Centers

The latest machining centers had been and will be introduced one after another, and those equipment can cover to various component’s geometry .
In addition, in order to operate machining center efficiently, we are fully utilizing a CATIA to maximize our value with producing high quality components in short delivery time.
We are actively working on complex components what several industries have demanded in recently.




Pursuit of

high quality

The company’s quality management system is developed on QCD policy,
initiatives began with the acquisition of ISO 9002 certification in April 1999, and expanded to ISO 9001 in the following year.
In October 2003, we acquired IACG (International Aerospace Quality Group) standard JIS Q 9100 (AS9100/EN9100) certification, which is necessary to work in aerospace industry, and now we have updated to JIS Q9100:2016 & JIS Q9001:2015 (ISO 9001).
We are working in global quality assurance system.



(IAC All domestic factories)






(IAC Malaysia)

IAC Malaysia has been accredited by EN9100(AS9100/JIS Q9100) in 2007.
Also our chemical process and painting factory has been certified by Nadcap in 2010.