Application Requirement

Wanted Job

  • Quality Assurance
  • Hand Finisher
  • Production Control
  • NC Operator
  • NC programmer
  • Jig Fixture Engineer

Graduates of High school, Special schools or University

(any Majors acceptable)

Work Location

Tottori Plant/Gifu Head Office/Malaysia factory/Vietnam(Engineer only)

after adoption, may have training at Gifu head office

*Training periods varies depending on the occupation

Working Hours

8:00~16:45(actual working hours : 8 Hours)

*may have night shift depending on the occupation

Starting Salary

determined according to company rules, taking into account experience, age and ability

Bonus Twice annually(July and December)
Wage Increase Once annually(April)
Holiday Vacation Saturday, Sunday and company designated date (annual holiday 113days)
Allowances Housing, Family and Commuting allowance
Social Insurance

Health, Welfare Pension, Employment, and Worker’s Compensation


Other systems Retirement Benefit system, Employee Deposit system, Worker’s Property Accumulation system
Recruiting Process Written Application and Interview

Daily Work Photo


IAC Corporation

担当:General Affair Department